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Useful Resources

Welcome to IoSCM’s Industry Insights.

This page has been created to enable professionals from across the global supply chain to access industry based resources that can be downloaded and utilised for free.

The insights and expertise on the resources page are available in addition to the practical guidance and information found in our blog posts and in Supply Chain Outlook, our industry leading magazines created for the members of the Institute.

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Mastering Multi-Party Supply Chain Communications

Navigating changing customer landscapes, natural disasters, and supply chain disruptions means mastering instant updates and responsive actions.

Measuring Employment Engagement

Tracking employee engagement not only allows you to gauge the success of new initiatives and projects, but also enhances your return on investment while ensuring the ongoing satisfaction of your workforce.

Supply Chain Definition

Understanding each part of a supply chain and the responsibilities of these sectors is key for professionals within the industry. That is why IoSCM has created a modern supply chain definition which examines the core sectors and their purpose.

Guide to improving my HR

Determining exactly what your human resources department should and shouldn’t be responsible for is a vital step not only in justifying its existence but also in encouraging smooth operations. This expert guide explains the duties of HR departments.

Your Guide to Effective Communiction

Failure to communicate effectively can result in lost productivity, poor morale, and toxic working relationships. The HR experts at Croner have created this excellent guide to help you ensure you avoid communication breakdowns at work.

Employee Development Guide

The IoSCM guide to employee development provides step-by-step guidance on everything an employee and employer need to know when preparing for, and carrying out a PDP or appraisal to support the aims of the business and the individual.

Climate Action Guide

A Practical Guide to living sustainably in harmony with nature, developed for World Environment Day 2022 created by the environmental experts at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Leaving The World In A More Sustainable Place

Going green has many benefits, including reducing your environmental footprint, saving money, and leaving the world in a more sustainable place. Making changes at home and in the workplace will have a great impact on the environment.

Making Remote Working Actually Work

Get the most out of remote working, learn how to navigate the challenges, and how to pick the right strategy and tools to create a high-functioning remote or hybrid team with the ultimate guide to remote, or hybrid, working.

The 7 Rights of Logistics

Successful supply chains rely on the 7 Rights of Logistics. Products need to be at the right place, at the right time, and in the right condition. Every time. Take a look at IoSCM’s guide to 7 Rights to Logistics to find out more.

Procurement Processes

Purchasing parts, products or services for your business often involves working with multiple external suppliers, to procure these items successfully you need processes that support your business objectives.

Signed off work with stress in the UK

Stress remains one of the top work-related factors that affect the health of adults in the UK. Employer’s have a responsibility towards staff off work with stress and within the workplace to prevent stress-related absences from occurring.

Useful Tips to Save Energy

Actionable tips you can action right now to save energy, reduce your energy bill, and save the planet

Sustainability in Procurement

Making Sustainability an Integral Part of Your Procurement Function should be a primary objective

Supplier Management

Download this expert guide to find out which seven simple iniatitives will enable your business to achieve real value in procurement and deliver tangible results with successful supplier management

How to use the IoT

The use of IoT in the warehousing and logistics sector is growing increasingly popular; however, the improvements that can be made to loading bay efficiency is being overlooked. Follow this expert guide to introduce IoT in your loading bay.

EU-UK Trade; Rules of Origin

Expert guidance for those concerned with the cost and compliance implications of trading with companies located in the EU, or manage indirect tax issues. A great tool for those who oversee logistics and supply chains or generate shipping paperwork.

UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021

There’s a huge amount of expectation around the COP26 Conference with society pushing for change, the pressure is on for decision makers to collaborate to deliver real change.

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