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Whitepapers are designed as informative documents that disect complex issues and help the reader make informed decisions on a wide-range of topics. The IoSCM White paper library has contributions from experts specialising in sectors, industries, and business fuctions from across the global supply chain. If you need to address an issue, make a decision or solve a problem, white papers can give you the insights you need to support your objectives.

Five point strategy for countering Supply Chain uncertainty

Louisa Hosegood, Digital and Strategy Director at Bis Henderson Consulting, draws on the team’s experience to set out a five-point strategy for supply chain leaders.

PortXChange - Just In Time Sailing

As global consumption grows, so does the impact of the logistics chain on the environment. Do we have a choice not to take action? Most certainly not!

A retrospective on the ERA of sustainable logistics

The climate crisis is worsening right before our eyes. The devastating impact on lives and livelihoods, not to mention the unrelenting loss of ecosystems and biodiversity, makes headlines every day.

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