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Armed Forces & Defence: Your Professional Development

Whatever stage you are within your transition from the military to a commercial role, your professional development is key to your future success.

Your Military Experience

Your military experience has provided you with a toolkit of transferable skills in areas such as team work,  communication, problem solving, decision making, leadership and much more.  This range of skills and experience coupled with your personal investment in a Professional Qualification will not only open up opportunities in the commercial sector, it will provide you with the confidence to pursue your career of choice.

Investing in your Future

Taking your professional development seriously, at every stage of your career, ensures that you remain current and competent within your industry and will ensure you are highly employable.

Prepare Yourself

The safety net of the MoD and the landscape of the commercial world can appear to be polar opposites but they are closer than you think and studying with IoSCM can help you develop yourself in preparation for making the transition to the commercial world.

Enquire today to speak with a member of our dedicated Military Course Advisory Team, here to listen to your aims and goals and to explain the options available.

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