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Why IoSCM is the right institute for you!

The institute of Supply Chain Management is the leading institute representing the interests of supply chain across the world.

However, unlike any other institutes, the Institute of Supply Chain Management is tailored around you!

IoSCM offers a unique learning method, which is adaptable around your experiences, goals and what you would like to achieve.

IoSCM is also the only institute which allows you to study units from a variety of sectors. This is because we understand that not all roles are set in stone and we often cover a few areas from different sectors.

This means that you only learn that you need to, helping you achieve your goals in less time whilst enhancing your industry expertise.

Four ways to study with IoSCM:

1.)    For those with relevant past or current experience:

You can use your past or current expertise when studying in this way. You can use any of the following methods individually or collectively to suit your needs.

  • Gain recognition of your previous studies
  • Gain recognition by using previous experiences and expertise
  • Gain recognition of your current role
  • Use your business knowledge as a platform
  • Fully flexible platform

2.)    For those looking for a traditional study programme:

  • This requires you to study the course materials provided and complete tasks along the way
  • Gain recognition of your previous studies
  • Submit mini tasks and assignments throughout
  • Fully flexible platforms

3.)   Research areas of the course:

This is usually the route chosen by for those  from an academic background and with experience of Harvard referencing their work.

  • Gain recognition of your previous studies
  • Research areas
  • Fully flexible platform

4.)    For those looking for a high quality development experience whilst fast tracking their studies:

You can use all of your current and previous expertise whilst choosing to study any areas of development you feel appropriate to complete the course.

  • Gain recognition of your previous studies
  • Use the study methods from section 1 and then complete the areas of development using study method 2
  • Fully flexible platform allowing you to blend your learning methods

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