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The Sustain Chain

Welcome to The Sustain Chain, IoSCM’s initiative that is helping the global supply chain to address the environmental and economic impact of industry on our planet, find ways to mitigate the damage and create a sustainable future. To do this we have a fantastic magazine, learning materials, a Toolkit full of resources, and globally recognised awards and accreditations.

Why not access our the latest issue of The Sustain Chain Magazine, find out more about The IoSCM Level 5 Award in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility and visit the Sustain Chain Toolkit?

The IoSCM Annual Sustain Awards are your annual opportunity to celebrate success! Make sure you visit the Awards page to find out more and submit your nominations today.

The Sustain Chain Toolkit

An initiative to address the environmental and economic impact of industry on our planet, find ways to mitigate the damage and create a sustainable future. Accessible and informative this toolkit will improve your understanding of the impact you and your organisation can have, how to implement change and to inform yourself of what is happening within industry.

Qualification in Sustainability and CSR Management

The IoSCM Level 5 Award is a qualification designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to achieve sustainability and advance your businesses CSR capabilities through flexible online learning. Written by an IoSCM industry expert Tutor, the course is broken down into easy to understand topics. Upon successful completion of the learning, you receive certification that demonstrates your expertise in Sustainability and CSR Management.

The Sustain Chain Accreditations

The Sustain Chain Accreditation scheme enables individuals and businesses to demonstrate their ‘green’ commitments and achievements. Whether you would like to nominate yourself, a colleague or a business for their initiatives or would like to make an application to have your organisations hard work accredited by an Internationally recognised Institute, you can follow the link to make an online application quickly and easily.

The Sustain Chain Awards

To make a nomination for any of the Sustain Chain Awards categories please vote with the category, the nomination and a brief explanation. Don’t forget to include your contact details. The nomination window closes on the 25th of August 2023.

The Sustain Chain Magazine

The Sustain Chain Magazine brings you great advice, guidance and resources on sustainability, carbon footprint, recycling, corporate social responsibility, and so much more. Whether you are looking to make changes at home or at work, the magazine can help you on your way to creating a positive (green) future. Ensure you have registered for the Sustain Chain Toolkit to receive your e-copy.

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