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Logistics is the complex process that is required to move items (anything and everything, including people) from their starting point to their destination. It is not a single action but a collection of many different processes, including integrating information, material handling and flow, procurement, inventory management, packaging, transportation, warehousing, security and receipt of goods.

Effective supply chain management requires an organised, well managed logistics operation to ensure parts, products and services move from suppliers through the supply chain to the end user on time and in good condition. The aim of a logistics operation is to provide better efficiency, reduce operation costs and promote service quality.

With such importance placed on successful logistics operations within the supply chain, at The Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM) we offer a range of professional qualifications in logistics and transport, each carefully designed to match modern businesses’ needs and upskill professionals at all stages of their logistics careers.

The IoSCM Logistics and Transport training programmes are available as part of our wide selection of Supply Chain Management courses, covering every aspect of the industry. Start earning an internationally recognised qualification today.

Don’t learn what you already know—unlike many other logistics training providers, we offer the flexibility to tailor your course to your learning style, career goals and current work-load; so you can ensure you get the most benefit from your studies. To find out more, call us on 0800 1422 522.

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