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Logistics 4.0

Welcome to the Logistics 4.0 bite-size course, part of the Intelligence 4.0 Range of Courses.

This bite-sized course will provide you with an understanding of the role Logistics 4.0 and how new technologies are influencing logistics organisations. Covering aspects such as the types of processes involved in Logistics 4.0 as well as the techniques involved in the creation of these technologies.

This course will guide you through material specifically designed to enable you to demonstrate an understanding of the Logistics 4.0 concept. You will learn about advanced warehouse alignment and the technologies behind Logistics 4.0 and you will understand Elements of Logistics 4.0 such as Visibility, Smart Utilities, IoT Adoption and Industry 4.0 Integration.

Upon completion of this course you will have a thorough overview of the topic.


This Logistics 4.0 course has been developed with flexibility in mind, you can log in and out as often as you wish. Adding to the flexibility of this course is the 12 month access option, enabling you to review content whenever you wish, or carry out a refresh of your knowledge. Once you have completed the course there is a quiz, comprising of 20 questions, which require 70% success to pass. Upon successfully passing the course our Student Support Team will be notified and you will receive your digital certificate. You will then be given the opportunity to study further courses from the Intelligence 4.0 range.


The driving force behind any successful supply chain is a strong logistics operation. Get it right and you are guaranteed success in the modern industry.


Technology is driving significant change across the logistics and transport sector, enhancing the capabilities and reputation of the industry. Embracing these changes is vital to the success of any supply chain. As a modern logistician understanding the technologies and systems that can now be utilised to improve service offerings may seem challenging, that’s why we explore the biggest developments throughout the course to help you thrive in the contemporary transport sector.

Logistics 4.0

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