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Industry 4.0

Welcome to the Industry 4.0 bite-size course, part of the Intelligence 4.0 Range of Courses.

This fact packed course will provide you with industry knowledge to ensure you are ahead of the field and up to date with current and predicated changes within business processes. Key areas of this course include an introduction to The Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Cyber Physical Systems, among other new technologies which are transforming industry as we know it. Learn how Industry 4.0 encompasses the adaptation of connected intelligence which is transforming the way we do business now and in the future.

Course Structure

This Industry 4.0 course has been developed with flexibility in mind, you can log in and out as often as you wish. Adding to the flexibility of this course is the 12 month access option, enabling you to review content whenever you wish, or carry out a refresh of your knowledge.

Once you have completed the course there is a quiz, comprising of 20 questions, which require 70% success to pass. Upon successfully passing the course our Student Support Team will be notified and you will receive your digital certificate. You will then be given the opportunity to study further courses from the Intelligence 4.0 range.


The future has arrived. Are you ready? The modern consumer is driving significant change across the supply chain. Staying relevant in an ever evolving landscape is becoming critical for business success.


The ever on generation know what they want, when and how they want it, and they expect fantastic service from the companies they deal with. With more competition than ever before supply chains need to embrace innovation to stand out from the crowd and retain their market share.

The Industry 4.0 course has been designed to provide you with expert insight into modern industry, introducing you to new processes, technologies, and services to help you transform your business into a modern power house.



Industry 4.0

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