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Customer Centric Supply Chains

Welcome to the Customer Centric Supply Chains bite-size course, part of the Intelligence 4.0 Range of Courses.

This bite size course has been created to explore the fundamentals of customer centric supply chains. Throughout this study we will look at what is meant by the term ‘customer centric’, the difference between a supply chain and a customer centric supply chain, how to create or enhance your current system to be customer centric.

The risks, factors and costs to consider when creating a customer centric supply chain and lastly, the future for the industry and how developments such as AI, IoT, Blockchain and industry changes will further impact the supply chain.


This Customer Centric Supply Chain course has been developed with flexibility in mind, you can log in and out as often as you wish. Adding to the flexibility of this course is the 12 month access option, enabling you to review content whenever you wish, or carry out a refresh of your knowledge.

Once you have completed the course there is a quiz, comprising of 20 questions, which require 70% success to pass. Upon successfully passing the course our Student Support Team will be notified and you will receive your digital certificate. You will then be given the opportunity to study further courses from the Intelligence 4.0 range.


The change in customer demands have caused supply chains to rethink how they meet the needs of the consumer. Find out how tobecome customer centric and excel in the modern supply chain.


This Bite-size course explores the fundamentals of customer centric supply chains, and how this is impacting current and future experiences. Investigating areas such as risks and costs and the impact of the customer centric supply chain on the industry, including such innovations as AI, Internet of Things and Blockchain.

A truly interesting course which will provide you with insights into all links of the Supply Chain from procurement to distribution and how being customer centric ensures the customer experience is in the centre of all activity.

Customer Centric Supply Chain

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