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Level 5 Purchasing – Operations Management Processes

Operation Management Processes
10 Unit Credit Values

  • Operations Management: inputs and outputs; volume, variety, variation and visibility; managing operations and operations functions; performance objectives; planning and control; macroeconomic factors; implementation of business strategy; judging performance against competitors; the operations contribution
  • Operations Processing: operations management for generic processes; process mapping; Materials Requirement Planning (MRP); supply and demand; supply network; outsourcing; process technologies
  • Relationship Between Operations Management and Strategic Planning: strategic decisions; the balanced scorecard; operations strategy; quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost; performance measurement systems
  • Operations Improvement Techniques: cost leadership strategy; focus strategy; value chain; performance measurements; performance standards; benchmarking; lean manufacturing; agile manufacturing; total quality management; PESTLE analysis; business excellence models
  • Organisational Challenges: globalisation; social responsibility; environmental responsibility; technology

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