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Level 2 Purchasing – Supplier Relationships

10 Unit Credit Values

  • Supplier Relationships: purchasing relationships; the buyer/supplier spectrum; arm’s length relationships; transactional relationships; closer tactical relationships; single sourced relationships; outsourcing relationships; strategic alliances; partnership relationships; co-destiny relationships
  • Key Elements of the Supplier Relationship: trust; interactions; transparency; commitment; mutual benefits and risks; co-operation; power; compatibility; culture; technology
  • Policies and Procedures: procurement policy; supply chain management policy; responsible procurement policy; code of conduct/ethical policy; environmental policy; sustainable procurement policy/sustainable policy; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); health and safety policy
  • Monitoring Supplier Relationships: supplier performance; account management; Service Level Agreements (SLAs); Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); benchmarks; barriers to monitoring

The above is the unit content for the Supplier Relationships unit found in the Level 2 qualification. To view more units, click here and select the “Units” tab.

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