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Level 2 Purchasing – Introduction to Procurement

10 Unit Credit Values

  • Functions of a Purchasing System: life cycle costing; total acquisition cost model
  • Stages of the Life Cycle: planning and design; acquisition, storage, use and disposal
  • Stages of the Purchasing Process: goods or service needs are identified; the goods or services are requested; the goods or services are authorised; a purchase order is placed with an appropriate provider; supplier delivers goods or services; goods or services are received; payment is made; order processing cycle
  • Methods Used to Gain Information: word of mouth; advertising and marketing; company information; sampling; SWOT analysis
  • Supplier Development: potential for partnership; scope for development; quantifiable outcomes
  • Selection of Suppliers: identifying needs; investigating the supply market; collecting relevant information; assessing options; making decisions
  • Methods of Communication: oral communication; written communication; non-verbal communication (body language); formal communication; informal communication
  • Terms of a Contract: consequences of breaching contracts

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