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Your Essential Warehouse Cleaning Checklist

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  • 28th August 2019

Keeping up a high level of warehouse cleanliness is about much more than just maintaining an attractive work environment. A clean and hygienic warehouse environment can in fact lead to better health and safety, longer-lasting equipment, less merchandise damage, and enhanced employee productivity.

The Benefits of a Clean Warehouse

A clean warehouse is a productive warehouse. Employees are less likely to take sick days as the risk of accidents is reduced and there is a healthier atmosphere. What’s more, better organisation aids efficiency as it’s easier to find equipment and supplies and more precise inventory levels.

As JRD Tata once said, “cleanliness is the hallmark of perfect standards “. The way you maintain your working environment says a lot about your company culture and values to outside eyes. For example, a clean and tidy warehouse gives visiting clients the impression that you are conscientious and trustworthy partner, whereas a dirty and cluttered space says just the opposite.

Finding Time to Clean

Warehouses can be fast-paced places at the best of times, and as such many businesses struggle to carve out time just for cleaning. It’s important therefore to create a cleaning schedule that you can stick to – with time allotted for quick daily cleans and monthly deep cleans. It’s also a good idea to arrange dedicated staff training sessions to motivate team members to be more proactive about dealing with mess.  As manager, it is also your responsibility to ensure that employees have access to the required cleaning tools and supplies.

Get Your Free Warehouse Cleaning Checklist

If you want to bolster your warehouse’s cleaning policies, cleaning checklists can be an excellent starting point. Fortunately, the team at The Cleaning Services Group have provided a helpful infographic which outlines the various tasks you need to stay on top of in order to keep your warehouse looking spic-and-span.

Company Profile

The Cleaning Services Group provides a diverse range of industrial and commercial cleans to a wide client base across the UK. With over 15 year’s experience in warehouse cleaning services, the Cleaning Services Group offers expert services including: large area cleans, floor de-greasing, cleaning and drying, high-level and lighting cleans plus much more.

View the full checklist HERE.

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