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What are the Essential Shipping Supplies in 2022?

  • General News
  • 21st March 2022

Recent global events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, has brought significant changes to the shipping industry. The need to transport items overseas has continued to increase. As business owners adapt to this growth, the security of the shipping items has become the topmost priority. Shipping supplies like product packaging are causing a stir in certain markets, such as the food industry, as the ideal solution for businesses is still open for innovation. High-quality packaging, such as vacuum-sealed bags, are a great way to ensure items that may be perishable arrive in perfect condition. Different industries have different requirements yet many rely on the same time of supplies to support their shipping operations.

Here are the essential shipping supplies that your business may need to use:

Boxes and envelopes

Boxes have been used to move products internationally for decades and are one of the most suitable methods. When shipping larger or delicate items, these containers are ideal as they allow you to take extra care and protect the product appropriately. Boxes come in different sizes and forms, so you can choose the most suitable option for your products.

When possible, many sellers prefer to use padded envelopes because they’re lightweight and include a layer of cushion in the form of a bubble-wrapped lining. Envelopes often reduce shipping costs because the parcels are smaller and easier to deliver by courier. If you’re sending smaller items, envelopes are an excellent solution.

Bags and bubble wrap

Sealable bags protect your goods from moisture and contaminants, extending the storage life of your items such as food. This enables shipping lines to handle your products more quickly and effectively. Vacuum sealed bags are elastic, robust, and recyclable, making them ideal for storing at home or shipping and mailing. Vacuum sealed bags come in a variety of sizes to meet your packaging preferences and are designed to hold your products while sustaining product temperatures. These shipping bags are used by many businesses to make sure their products arrive in one piece.

You may also opt for bubble wrap bags, another type of packaging that comes in various shapes and sizes. This type of bag is often the most used for shipping small and medium-sized products today.

Bubble wrap is bag-like formations composed of small air-filled pouches that cushion products wrapped in them. The wrap can help a kitchen supply store package fragile items more easily. You can also use high-quality bubble wrap to keep your food fresh and in form for more extended periods. No matter what it is, bubble wrap will help to protect and preserve your item.

Packing Paper

Packing paper is a customised product that is used to protect items during shipping. It is considerably thicker and durable than regular plain paper, and it’s available in a range of varieties, including butcher paper, kraft paper, and other types. It’s commonly supplied in the form of rolls.

Paper such as kraft and butcher paper were initially designed to store meat

and fish, they have now been adopted as a great packaging solution for transport.

Tape or some type of adhesive must be used to secure packing paper. If the items are fragile, they should be well-wrapped to avoid damage.


When you think about tape for boxes, the first thing that springs to mind is probably shipping tape. When you pull the thin, transparent tape out of the roll, it creates a loud tearing noise. The hot melt adhesive in shipping tape should keep your packages completely secure throughout any quick transfer. For quicker packing, it’s recommended to get a portable adhesive dispenser, popularly referred to as a tape gun, to simplify wrapping boxes.

Our experts agree that plain packing tape is ideal for securing packages in boxes. One explanation is that it adheres to surfaces far better than masking or duct tape. Transparent packing tape also helps secure packing slips so that your transport provider can read, scan and identify any essential barcodes or information.

Using scotch tape is also suggested for additional security of the items. It provides an added sense of safety and guarantees that a package won’t burst open during delivery. Due to its colour, this adhesive isn’t suitable for gluing labels to a box, so a roll of clear packing tape is also recommended.

Printing supplies

Labels can be used for packing as well as advertising. They make it simple to establish brand recognition. Packaging labels can be found on containers, food packaging, boxes, and other things. For a small price, many shipping services can produce labels for you. If you don’t want to spend time waiting in a queue at a store, or if you are sending a lot of items, you should consider purchasing personalised printing materials.

Label printers are accessible on the market and can produce properly designed adhesive marks that can quickly be plastered on the outside of a package or parcel. These label printers are often more environmentally friendly as they don’t require more tape to attach a label.

Shipping supplies should serve your need to minimise your environmental impact and packaging costs. With a large selection of packaging items available, you can get the solutions you need to secure, maintain and deliver, your products to your customers without damage or loss of quality.

Choosing Sustainable Shipping Supplies

While thousands of shipping products are available on the market, choosing sustainable packaging materials should be considered because it will help alleviate damage to your products during transit. Here are some things to consider before purchasing packaging supplies:

  • Is this item designed for shipping or delivery?
  • Is this brand trustworthy?
  • How long will this item last?
  • Will this secure the items?
  • Is this product eco-friendly?
  • How will this appeal to the customers?

Any business can find mailing or shipping challenging, especially when selecting the correct shipping solutions. When shipping packages locally or overseas, there are a few other factors to consider, including durability, packaging density, temperature, bug safety, and appeal to customers.

Choose packaging materials that are

  • long-lasting
  • cost-effective
  • environmentally friendly to save money.


Not sure what solution is best for you? We can help.

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