Upcoming Ecommerce Industry Shifts and How Stores Must Adapt
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Upcoming Ecommerce Industry Shifts and How Stores Must Adapt

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  • 1st August 2018

Ecommerce Industry shifts

The ecommerce industry is shifting at a fast pace and steadily carving out a prominent space for itself in the market. Ideally, ecommerce industry is an upcoming trend and the stores are struggling to fit into the new shoes. The choice and preferences of the customers have changed over time and they are more comfortable shopping online rather than wasting time in different offline stores. Given below is the statistics of the sale ad growth in the ecommerce of US.

How industry shifts are modifying the digital landscape and the need for retailers to adapt to the change ?

  •         Improving the in-store experience: Despite the boost in economy the retail stores all over the world are closing. It might be a sign that the end to physical stores are emerging. The rise of ecommerce is the sole reason behind the failure in the physical presence of retail stores. People have changed to the habit of shopping online and the traditional shopping experience has taken a backseat.

The contemporary media and mobile devices have made networking and connections easy. The customers know before visiting the store what they want to buy and at what price. Therefore, the retailers need to improve their service delivery to enhance customer satisfaction and win their trust.

  •         Consumer preference: most of the customers still prefer smaller business, which is sad news for the bigger businesses. Studies have shown that 70% of the customers in USA prefer small businesses to big businesses.

This is an advantage on the part of the small retailers and they can use customer confidence to retain them. By creating a powerful value proposition, they can boost up their marketing campaigns to adapt to the new trend.    

  •         Highly personalized experiences: technology has enabled the customers to lean more towards personalized shopping. It is the catch in the recent trend of shopping failing which the company will suffer. Personalized customer experience is a way to enhance customer loyalty and the smaller brands should take it as their winning factor.

The retailers need to combine both primitive and realistic data to provide personalized shopping experience to the customers. They can filter their email lists to offer discounts to the customers based on their choice and purchasing history.

  •         Demand for transparency: the recent shopping experience has proved that the customers prefer those products, which have rich feature quality, sustainability and transparency. For winning the trust of the customers, the ecommerce retailers need to focus on ethical practices for boosting up their brand identity.

The ecommerce sites need to be created in such a manner that it conveys a message of authenticity and credibility to the customers. For instance, if the customers get more payment options they will get out of the habit returning back to home screen from the shopping cart.

  •         Creating brand experiences: shoppers want to get entertained alongside the usual shopping experience. Therefore, it is important for the retailers that make distinguishing features about the brand so that it stands out in the crowd.

The retailers need to keep many factors in mind such as their customer background and the community that they belong. They can encourage the target market by creating some events related to their religion or culture. It is important that the retailers pay close attention to the industry shifts because the dice might turn over anytime in the industry.

Technology has become the talk of the tinsel town and people are following it blindly. It has occupied a major space in the shopping industry but long- term implementation cannot be assured.

  •         Online- to- offline trend is gaining popularity by boosting sales growth.
  •         The stores are following the traditional methods but they have found ways to evolve.
  •         There are new opportunities for the shopping stores to deliver personalized experience to the customers.
  •         Digital integration has made shopping experience better and easier than ever.
  •         Advancement in communication through social media has helped in reaching the target market easily.


Author Bio – Ammie Jackson is a well versed blogger and has an experience of close to a decade in the field. She has acquired her degree from the University of Queensland. She also runs a blog for homework help services and working as an assignment helper for UK country.

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