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Does Training Pay? Yes is the answer.

  • General News
  • 14th May 2016

APO, a delivery partner of IoSCM, has recently undertaken a project to identify the benefits to an organisation on up skilling its workforce and what the benefits are to having trained employees. The Author of this article is Mark Tserkezie, MCIPS MInstLM MCMI ESCM. He is The Director of APO Training and his career in supply chain spans 20 years, the last 10 of which have been focussed on helping those in Procurement & Supply develop their skill set in the discipline through accredited vocational training. This article is a brilliant read and will make you think twice about your training spend, once you see the return on investment and the improvments that can come from some simple training – read the article. IoSCM specialise in seven different skill sets, all focused around Supply Chain Management. Get in touch with our Commerical Manager Sophie Williams, to discuss which training options would be suitable for your employee’s, and see a difference in their performance.

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