The IoSCM Awards 2023: Celebrating Excellence in the Industry
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The IoSCM Awards 2023: Celebrating Innovation, Dedication and Excellence in the Industry

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  • 18th December 2023

Celebrating Innovation, Dedication and Excellence in the Supply Chain Industry

In the ever-evolving landscape of supply chain management it is crucial to recognise and honour those individuals and organisations that continually elevate the standards of excellence. The Supply Chain Awards 2023 united many of the industry’s respected professionals for an evening dedicated to acknowledgement, inspiration and networking. Taking place at the Crowne Plaza in Newcastle on 2nd November, the event fostered an atmosphere of anticipation, celebration and collaborative spirit among the like-minded professionals in attendance.

The Sustain Chain Awards 2023

The Sustain Chain Awards

The evening commenced with a notable introduction to the ceremony – The Sustain Chain Awards. This segment of the event honoured individuals and organisations making significant contributions towards creating a sustainable future for the industry. The award categories included:

Delivering Corporate Social Improvement within Business:

The first award was presented to the charity Humankind. They were chosen for their outstanding efforts in implementing initiatives that enhance the social well-being of their employees and the communities they operate in. The judges agreed that the impact of their volunteer programme made the charity deserving of the award.

Championing Corporate Social Responsibility Within the Workplace:

Prima Cheese was recognised with this fantastic award for establishing a Fairness, Equality and Diversity (FED) committee that highlights its commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace for its employees.

Sustainability Champion:

The Sustainability Champion award celebrated the efforts of Terry Hanlon, for his remarkable work with Kier Construction and its supply chain partners to raise awareness for social mobility, social value and social equity.

Outstanding Charity or Community Project:

This award was honoured to Team Emotive, for successfully completing the Talisker Atlantic Challenge to raise money for the Veterans at Ease charity. The challenge consisted of rowing 3000 miles from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to Antigua. The team completed this awe-inspiring task in 45 days, 1 hour and 54 minutes.

Delivering Sustainable Improvements Within the Workplace:

Durham Coffee received this award for a number of its ground-breaking initiatives, including partnering with charities to produce special coffee blends, its delivery scheme and ethical sourcing processes. Carina Nausner, Director of Durham Coffee said, “From roasting on our eco-friendly air-motion roaster and sourcing our coffee from ethical and sustainable supply chains, to supporting local charities and encouraging less waste by offering refill incentives. To us, striving to deliver sustainable improvements where we can is a standard practice. However, for someone else to recognise this and our efforts to do so, really means the world!”

Delivering Positive Change in the Reduction of Single Use Plastics:

Bee Natural was honoured with this award for its work to reduce the use of single plastics through bees wax wraps, which are designed for everyday use to eliminate products such as cling film and throw away bags.

Sustain Chain Awards

The Sustain Chain Awards are an essential addition to IoSCM’s Supply Chain Awards. From carbon emissions and waste generation to ethical sourcing and resource scarcity, there are many reasons why the industry needs to focus on reducing its environmental impact. The Sustain Chain Awards aim to support and promote the industry’s efforts by providing a platform for those who are doing the most to reduce their impact on the planet. Ultimately, we hope that this will lead to many other professionals and organisations taking positive steps in helping the industry to create a sustainable future.

Following The Sustain Chain Awards, attendees enjoyed a three-course meal while taking the opportunity to speak with others. The venue was filled with like-minded professionals spanning the supply chain sector, creating the ideal setting for valuable networking opportunities.

The Supply Chain Awards

Following the presentation of The Sustain Chain Awards, the spotlight shifted to The Supply Chain Awards. This segment recognised the dedication and accomplishments of professionals and organisations that have consistently demonstrated excellence in their respective fields. The awards presented during the ceremony included:

Contribution to Wider Supply Chain Improvement, sponsored by Pathfinder:

This was awarded to Karsten Smet for the creation of a process that streamlines and modernises workflow processes in pharmaceutical, food and industrial markets. Oomph Works, part of ACI Group which Karsten is a founder of, is currently developing a platform to optimise this process, which will encompass everything from customer management and automation of daily administration operations, to managing staff and company performance through its data-driven AI dashboard.

Defying the Odds, sponsored by TeesGlobal:

Joshua Leach-Aslam received this award for his unwavering dedication, exceptional skills, and relentless pursuit of success, despite facing the immense challenge of losing his hearing in Afghanistan while serving in the British Army. Through determination and resilience, he has carved a successful career within the industry.

Contribution to Wider Supply Chain Industry, sponsored by the Crowne Plaza Hotel:

This award was bestowed upon Bloom Procurement Services for its innovative and ground-breaking service, providing first-class supply chain opportunities to its clients.

Contribution to Education, sponsored by DLC Training:

This award was presented to Tim Young for his commitment to the procurement profession and, in particular, his work in introducing young people to the sector. In the judges’ words, Tim is a “born and bred educator”, and his work to support the employment of neuro diverse individuals set him apart from the rest. IoSCM has worked with Tim throughout 2023 to roll out resources to support Tim’s endeavours, including Autism in the Workplace guides.

Employer of the Year, sponsored by RFCA:

This was awarded to AG Barr for demonstrating its commitment to employee development, wellbeing and its fantastic work in achieving a supportive and successful workplace culture.

Learner of the Year, sponsored by SFEDI Awards:

This award was presented to Jenna Shields for demonstrating exceptional progression and development throughout her IoSCM Level 7 Diploma qualification. When asked about the evening she said, “I had a fantastic night and was completely shocked when it was announced! I was really taken aback by the award and was overwhelmed. It was great to have the recognition for my Level 7 course and the work and dedication I have had to give it.”

Jenna attended the award ceremony along with the other nominees for the award. When asked about the evening as a whole Jenna said, “The award ceremony was fabulous, great venue, amazing food and the speaker did really well on stage.”

Member of the Year, sponsored by Murtek IT:

This was awarded to Alison Hackwell for her unmatched expertise in supply chain and HR, providing valuable insights into sustainability, consumer demand led supply chains and the future of the industry. Alison said, “I felt truly honoured to be nominated for the ‘Member of the Year’ title at the recent IoSCM Awards. The moment my name was announced as the winner during the esteemed award ceremony in Newcastle last week was incredibly special. I am immensely grateful to everyone at IoSCM for orchestrating such a fantastic event. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have enjoyed a remarkably rewarding career in global, European, and UK supply chains over the past 35 years and am looking forward to continuing to support the valuable work of IoSCM in future.”

Contribution to Innovation, sponsored by Durham Business Group:

This award was presented to Sarah Cookson for successfully implementing change management methods in her workplace after completing the Level 5 Supply Chain and Operations qualification. She also quickly moved onto the Level 7 Extended Diploma, which reinforces Sarah’s commitment to innovation in the industry.

When asked about the evening, Sarah said, “I enjoyed the evening very much, it was an honour to be invited and be chosen for the award. The evening was lovely and it was great to see other people and businesses receive their awards and share in the achievements of the supply chain as a whole.”

Special Recognition for Advancing the Professional Development of Our Armed Forces, sponsored by 8 Rifles:

This award was presented to WO2 (RQMS) Daniel Carter for being the driving force behind Project Caduceus, an initiative which supports Senior NCO’s with their development in the military or transitioning into a civilian career. This award was also presented to WO2 (RQMS) Steven Tyler and Amber Henshaw for their outstanding efforts in identifying the need for a professional development programme and working to bring this into fruition to support the knowledge development of young soldiers in the Royal Logistic Corps.

Young Achiever of the Year (Philip Chaganis Award), sponsored by UMI Commercial:

The recipient of this award was Alfie Owen. After successfully completing the IoSCM Level 3 Diploma, he immediately progressed to the Level 6 Diploma, which is extremely impressive for his young age. His dedication to learning highlighted his extraordinary commitment and strong focus to his career development within the supply chain industry. Philip Chaganis’s son, Howard Chaganis, travelled from Poland to be able to attend the ceremony and present the award to Alfie in honour of his father.

Celebrating Excellence Within the Supply Chain (Kevin Rumfitt Award):

This was awarded to Opeto Tonny for his outstanding commitment to professional development in leadership and management and supply chain operations. Opeto is also an IoSCM Certified Expert, further demonstrating his dedication to the industry.

IoSCM Awards 2023

An Unforgettable Evening

After the award presentation a DJ was on hand to provide the entertainment. The attendees enjoyed the music and took to the dancefloor to end the night with a dance. Beyond the accolades, the evening was a platform for connection, exchanging best practices and celebrating the collaborative spirit of the supply chain industry.

IoSCMs CEO, Jacky Stansfield Smith, expressed her gratitude for the tremendous support and participation in this year’s awards. She said, “The Supply Chain Awards 2023 have showcased the remarkable talent within our industry. The dedication of these professionals and organisations is truly inspiring and reinforces the critical role of the supply chain in today’s global economy. We are proud to be a part of this community and continue to support and celebrate excellence in supply chain management.”

The Supply Chain Awards 2023 served as a testament to the unwavering dedication and innovation that propels the industry forward. The event highlighted the exceptional contributions of organisations and professionals consistently surpassing expectations and establishing new standards within the field. As the supply chain landscape evolves, these awards stand as a reminder that excellence, sustainability, and resilience remain paramount to industry advancement. Undoubtedly, this event has inspired attendees to continue their remarkable contributions to the supply chain industry.

The evening was a fantastic opportunity to shine a spotlight on IoSCMs chosen charity Parallel Prospects Foundation. A silent auction was opened online leading up to the event and was open to everyone, with amazing auction lots available for bidding, the even raised the profile of the charity and some excellent funds to support the work they are doing. Visit to show your support.

IoSCM looks forward to continuing its mission of promoting excellence and innovation within the supply chain community, and recognising the achievements of all of those who excel in the years to come.


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