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Supply Chain Timeline

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  • 20th June 2018

We say it time and time again, Developments in the supply chain happen so quickly it’s hard to keep up. That’s why we have decided to have a look back through history to create The Supply Chain Timeline 1810 – 2018 compiled of some of the biggest most exciting events and discoveries that have shaped the supply chain to its current status.

It’s hard to picture that Logistics and Supply Chain, were both originally created in relation to wartime activities. From the introduction of ‘Logistics’ into the English language way back in 1810, to the Supply Chain in 1905, and more recently the use of drones to help fight the battle on terror. There have been many developments in technology, like the introduction of barcoding, the discovery of electronic data exchange and hand held scanners, that have advanced Supply Chain management from its original basic form and enabled organisations to grow into global giants with complex operations. From the creation of the humble Production line to the introduction of Lean manufacturing, we have the developments from every sector all in one place.

Nowadays it’s pretty impossible to imagine just how tough a typical working day might have been in the early stages of supply chain management. With the recent launch of the UK Plastic pact and other exciting news we keep sharing, no doubt we will need to bring out version 2 in no time however, for now we hope you find our Timeline a very interesting and useful read.

Click here to read The Supply Chain Timeline.

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