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Seven steps to improve team effectiveness and motivation

  • General News
  • 2nd February 2016

Motivation is key to maintaining corporate well-being and performance. 

Support, recognition and reward are typically words that allow employees to feel an increased sense of loyalty towards the employer.  In order to nurture this, managers must communicate well with teams and ensure all team members feel they know any information that is relevant to their jobs in order to boost effectiveness.

1) Team leaders should update their staff following any management meetings and provide them with all knowledge that can affect their job and performance. Positive feedback from senior management should be relayed; a sense of being connected to the whole organisation is important.

2) It is important that managers visit their employees and engage with them; demonstrating a sociable identity can remove any barriers to communication. This is also a good opportunity to chat about any relevant information.

3) A simple hello every day will have a massive impact on how employees engage and interact with their manager. Keeping a pleasant manner is extremely important.

4) Where possible, hold weekly one-to-one meetings with each of your employees; they will feel valued and you can keep updated with what’s going on in their working projects.

5) It is important to ensure all of your staff interact with one another regularly; hold staff meetings frequently where everyone can get together and be updated, as well as having an opportunity to express their opinions or concerns.

6) Ensure your employees are aware that they are free at any point to come and discuss with you anything that is troubling them with an open door policy.

7) Congratulate success and personal achievements.  Human beings like to feel important, it’s the simple things that count the most.

These steps will boost productivity through ensuring employees feel a sense of value and worth within the organisation.

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