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National Recommitment Month – Share a Story

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  • 10th May 2018

May is National Recommitment Month. The time of year where we reflect back on the goals we set ourselves in January and evaluate how much we’ve achieved or if we’re on track to reach our targets.

So, what have you achieved in 2018? Are you sticking to those New Year resolutions?

If you are – great! If not, don’t worry. We’re all human and we all know just how much the year can get away from us; before you know it Christmas is looming again…

But that’s where IoSCM come in. It just so happens that May is also Share a Story Month so with the aim of boosting motivation, celebrating your successes and reminding you that YOU CAN DO IT,  we have asked our students to share their success stories with us.

The first story we have to share is from John Milne, MSCM. John is the Stores Manager for EM&I (UK) Ltd.

“From the moment I enquired about information on the Import/Export distance learning courses I was given very professional, relevant and helpful information. I was given appropriate advice on which level to start at and this was fundamental in helping me choose the Level 3 Diploma route. When I enrolled, I was appointed a Tutor, who throughout my whole course and beyond was extremely helpful and very fast at replying to my queries.

I completed the course and am now eagerly awaiting the arrival of my certification. I shall be enrolling on a Level 5 Diploma in Supply Chain Operations Management in the very near future. Thank you to IoSCM for making my learning journey as easy as possible.”

We are delighted that John has decided to share his story about studying with us, what a great start to National Recommitment month, well done John on your success.

If you’ve got a story about an achievement or accomplishment, big or small, educational or professional – we want to hear it! And the best part is that we’re giving away a £20 Amazon voucher for every story we share.

Your story may inspire someone recommit to their goals, share it today.

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