Logistic Challenges! Let's find out the solution to solve them
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Logistic Challenges! Let’s find out the solution to solve them

  • General News
  • 13th March 2019


The world is revolving around technology and as people say Technology is not only power, but it is a superpower.

In today’s world of customer’s engagement, digitalisation of the world, era, the services and businesses of transportation and logistics is under a real competitive potential. As delivering what you promise is one of the most critical and significant key factors, sustaining customer service is another factor that comes after the promise.

Allow us to highlight the ongoing industry challenges and issues and to explore the fundamental strategic technologies that will help to overcome these challenges and make way for the supply chain to move the business forward as the best freight forwarding services and keep it integrated.


Some factors that will help to overcome the significant supply chain and logistics issues:

The efficient management of the workforce

As the Transportation and Logistics industry maintain to grow, the promise for a faster, smarter, and even more organised system for the workforce to monitor all the incoming and outgoing products has become necessary.  With the advancement of companies in a proper manner like Amazon, the requirement for faster, efficient yet effective strategies for contained by the T&L industry has become a subject that many of the businesses’ have started to speak to.

Therefore, the industry for logistics has adopted the use of technology of robotic and drone into the warehouse that has the potential to create a large workforce environment that doesn’t require any extra expenses. Workforce robotic machines would help in classification through inward and outgoing correspondence faster, place shipments on proper shelves/shipping containers and ensure packages do not have flaw before shipping. Giants such as Amazon have already on track to include robotic drone expertise into their everyday use, optimising their companies’ delivery time for a small part of the cost.

Visibility of inventory, Tracking, and management of goods

Stock is one of the core foundation stone for many of the businesses; if we talk about the severe and core competencies for transportation as well as logistics is the aptitude to productively comprehend and be in charge of a business’ record.  If an industry doesn’t have thorough, real-time visual into the available history at a position given it can even damage a company and its deal and can impact the satisfaction of the customer.  Also, the supply chain more often wants to follow and direct the inventory overall from different warehouses and stores, and position up a difficult task particularly if the systems for business aren’t connected centrally with each other.

To address and overcome these challenges, transportation with logistics are affecting from solutions of the software to spend in a cloud-based integrated technology that assures to provide the real-time information, reachable to the whole organisation, despite the place or time counting the management system for warehouses and systems for transformation management too. Companies are also revolving themselves as predictive analytics, which optimises and make highly developed predictions about the supply chain by considerate algorithms on both of the existing and chronological sets of data.  Companies like Apple and are by now utilise them, and Amazon may influence.

Cutting the cost for Transportation

Cost of transportation can also be a significant part of the company in general logistics financial plan. With the rise in the value of fuel, consumers do pay the fee if one has to spend even more on shipping. To deal with this issue, many of the businesses have included a better policy that will assist identify problems of transportation and expand the suitable solution.

The business of logistics has now started to fit in the autonomous tracking as well as AI the into the vehicles that used to track the possible real-time facts with the method as well as best possible substitute road to cut shipping costs.

With self-governing Tracking, the company can make use of sensors to create a smart automobile that can pick up fuel effectiveness, evaluate the conditions of roads, and also observes how the human hand responds down routes. Big companies that include FedEx have even started to add in independent tracking up the technology into their logistics for standard solutions, and have launched assembly data from a vehicle and air fleets to run directly to re-arranging the affectivity and efficiency.

The offering of the Segmented Services as well as Customer Service

When it comes to giving out up a single platform of information across a medium of the channel through departments, supply chain does rely on the aptitude of segmented and modified technology.  In logistics, sharing of data across the supply chain enables higher levels of clearness, allowing consumers to make better choices about the products they buy and forming a level of trust between the brand and the consumer.


Author Bio:

Mawiya karam, with over 8 years of expertise in the field of marketing, Mawiya is a Marketing analyst at Prozone Logistics. She is often featured on different platforms and forums for her knowledgeable and accessible manner she has for shipping and logistics where she speaks with the audience and educate them with what’s going around.

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