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IoSCM Awards 2018

  • General News
  • 2nd November 2018

The IoSCM Awards 2018 Nominations are now open!

The annual IoSCM Awards are the perfect opportunity for the Institute to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our students, clients, members and professionals from across the supply chain for the hard work and dedication they have demonstrated throughout 2018.

Each year we open the voting to enable individuals and organisations to nominate themselves, their employees, colleagues, clients or suppliers to win a prestigious award.

This year the categories are;

Student of the Year

This category is the perfect opportunity for individual students or their employers to place a nomination for Student of the year. We are looking for a student who may have submitted some outstanding work towards their qualification, has managed to study while overcoming personal or professional challenges, has produced a white paper or has managed to achieve their qualification in a great time or with high level of feedback.

Contribution to Wider Supply Chain Improvement (Business)

Have you or your business implemented a great plan or idea that has made an improvement in any aspect of the supply chain that could be replicated in other businesses? Has your organisation come up with a great new way to offer a service that has the potential to improve services for your clients? Are you a budding entrepreneur with a great idea? Has your organisation launched a new product that will make great improvements in the wider supply chain? If so, this is the category for you.

Contribution to Innovation (Individual)

This category is open to all of the creative minds out there. Have you come up with a great idea for your employer? Have you created a new system or method that is saving your business time or money? This category is a great way to receive additional recognition for the hard work you have done behind the scenes or for a business to nominate an employee for the valuable contribution they have made with their innovative ideas.

Defying the Odd’s (Individual / Business)

Has your company shone in the face of adversity? Are you standing out from the crowd in a difficult turbulent market? Have you had a disaster that could have been the end of the line for you, your career or your company? Then this is the award category for you.

Contribution to the Institute

This is the perfect opportunity for our guest writers, bloggers, authors and supporters to receive additional recognition for the invaluable work they do and the contributions they make to IoSCM. From submitting guest posts for our blog or magazine, to providing detailed feedback on developments to reviewing and adapting course materials, Contributors to IoSCM are vital to ensuring we are constantly adapting to the challenges and demands of the modern supply chain. Nominate yourself, a colleague or employee for their outstanding achievement this year.

To make a nomination for any of the IoSCM Awards 2018 Categories

Email by 16th November with the category, the nomination and a brief explanation. Don’t forget to include your contact details.

Award winners will be announced in the December edition of Supply Chain Outlook.

As the saying goes ‘You have to be in it to win it!’ Good luck to everyone. We are looking forward to receiving your nominations in the coming days.

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