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How to improve your manufacturing quality process

  • General News
  • 1st January 2016

All businesses are different and there are a range of factors that go into manufacturing which can differentiate an organisation from the competition; improving the quality of the manufacturing process within your business may be the key to increasing business efficiency and growth. Here are some tips on how to improve the quality of your manufacturing process:

  • You should firstly break down your manufacturing process and find out what exactly you are doing at each individual stage to ensure the entire process is running as efficiently as it should be.
  • A business should always have a nominated person who is responsible for overlooking the whole manufacturing process; this will help to make sure that every stage is being fulfilled. If you do not have anyone that is overseeing the manufacturing process there will be a chance that some of the steps will get missed and then be forgotten, which causes a breakdown in the entire system.
  • Undertake some research to identify new and improved techniques that you can implement that will help you to improve the quality of each stage of your manufacturing process.
  • Minimise waste through the elimination of non-productive time, overproduction and poor inventory. This should ultimately maximise the efficiency of the overall manufacturing process.
  • Training is essential in the manufacturing industry as it can highlight areas of improvement and demonstrate successful working practices in the manufacturing process to help improve quality.

Many manufacturers continue with their current working practices simply because they already exist and are part of their culture, this is not always a good thing and simple ‘tweaks’ and investment in staff training could achieve a great deal in improving the quality of production, the end product and the delivery mechanisms.

In studying an IoSCM award, certificate or diploma in Manufacturing, students will gain an understanding of the importance of the manufacturing process and the need for quality systems and procedures; they will develop the skills and knowledge to fulfil each stage and implement key tasks to strengthen and improve efficiency.

To find out more about our manufacturing qualifications please visit or email info@ioscm.comfor more info.

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