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Importing from China: Essential Guide

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  • 4th July 2018

Boasting a booming export trade envied the world over, China has been the largest trading partner in the world since 2012. In 2017, China shipped US$2.272 trillion worth of products around the globe representing approximately 14.2% of total global exports. Importing from China can be a very lucrative operation for your business.

China presents a very attractive option to importers for one main reason – cost. With the low cost of wages and materials, Chinese manufacturers can produce products for an incredibly low cost meaning that importers can sell these items at home for a very healthy profit. Low cost doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality however, as with the proper research it is very do-able to source well-made goods for an extremely competitive price.

Due to years and years of experience as “the world’s factory”, Chinese manufacturers have developed a level of sophistication in production lines that is simply unmatched by any other country, meaning that they can produce goods at unparalleled speed. Chinese producers also excel in the areas of design and innovation and are constantly inventing new products that you simply will not be able to find elsewhere.

Despite the many clear advantages of trading with China, many businesses are understandably deterred by the idea of relying on a supplier located tens of thousands of miles away. However, provided that you do your homework the reality is that importing goods from China is not that complex at all.

So, how can you take advantage of the benefits of importing from China?

If would like to discover more about importing from China, we advise that you check out this handy beginner’s video guide from the team at 2Flow. Covering everything you will need to know, this helpful guide provides a comprehensive break-down of product selection, sourcing suppliers, shipping, and more.

Watch the video guide below to get the low-down on how to successfully import goods from China.

If you are an Individual looking to improve your Importing knowledge and skills or a Business thinking of expanding your operations to import or export products and are looking for a proven way to develop your employees existing skill set, contact one of our expert Course Advisors here at IoSCM to find out how we can help you achieve your aims. With Professional Qualifications from Level 2 to 7 and a portfolio of Bespoke training programmes, you can be confident IoSCM will have a flexible learning programme to suit your requirements.

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