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The Importance of Qualifications in Supply Chain Management

  • General News
  • 3rd December 2015

As the economy continues to dwindle in an unsteady climate there is an increasing reliance on the service industries, in particular, supply chain, logistics and manufacturing. Whilst it is expected that the supply chain sector will continue to grow, there remains an uncertainty regarding the length of the economic recovery and how this will impact on the industry.

With this in mind, is now not the perfect time to make the most of your resources and invest in your staff to ensure your business is not swallowed up in the black hole of the recession that has taken so many large and once-successful businesses?

Qualifications are Key

Today’s supply chain success depends on the right mix of knowledge, skills and innovation to become forward thinkers; through choosing a qualification specifically designed to enhance the skills of the student in line the organisational objectives, this can be achieved.

A key concern for most businesses is that for those full-time supply chain professionals, the options for further education are limited; however, there is now a vast selection of flexible courses and training programmes to suit the individual and their lifestyle. Even more importantly, the need for work-based learning has become so apparent that many courses, such as those of the IoSCM, now incorporate competence assessments, which allow for on-the-job learning.

It is important to encourage staff to develop their skills and become a valuable asset to the organisation, inevitably nurturing a sense of empowerment and loyalty to the business. Employers who realise the benefit of developing their staff with industry recognised qualifications ultimately broaden the skill set of their workforce and ensure they have the best and brightest employees managing their supply chains.

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