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72 learners provide a surge of skills to the supply chain.

  • General News
  • 25th February 2017

Whenever one person successfully completes an IoSCM qualification we pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. After all, this person will go on to put their learning into practice and become an example of excellence within the supply chain industry. Allowing somebody the chance to bring their skills to the supply chain arena (and improve their career in the progress) is the reason we get up in the morning and always aim to provide a leading learning experience. But when we are given the opportunity to help 72 people bring their skills, ideas and innovations to the supply chain, it’s a cause for celebration.


Recently, 72 learners have achieved their IoSCM level 2 Certificate in Managing the Supply Chain with the support of Gateshead College. Each learner ought to be proud for deciding to embark on one of the most satisfying career paths available. They will help keep the world go round and facilitate global relationships between countries, resources, products and people, unimaginable in recent memory. The future of the supply chain lies with them, and with many industry technologies, practices and ideas changing at a break neck speed, who knows where their path lies. But for now one thing is certain, they have the power to take themselves anywhere they want to go and we at IoSCM look forward to hearing from them in the future.

Gateshead College, a leading North-East education provider with over 10,000 students a year, delivered the teaching and learning support necessary for such a resounding success. We at IoSCM are incredibly grateful for their efforts and their support as an IoSCM delivery partner.

The 72 learners are employed by Vantec, a Logistics and Warehousing service provider and part of Hitachi Transport and are therefore part of one of the largest global Third Party Logistics providers. Specifically, they rely on ‘Monozukri’ an untranslatable Japanese word which literally means ‘the making of something’. The concept cannot be more applicable to any other situation. Vantec have helped ‘make’ the future of these 72 staff members by developing their skills and abilities for not only the future of the company, but for the future of each individual on both a professional and personal level.

The industry needs more companies like Vantec and education providers like Gateshead College who share IoSCM’s philosophy of focusing on the individual. A single person has the potential to change the world, and giving them the tools to be able to do their utmost and make an entirely positive impact on the supply chain is something we should all aspire to. Only through this will we overcome the current skills drought and construct the highly sustainable industry we would be more than proud to pass on to the next generation of supply chain professionals.

Gateshead College said:

“Gateshead College has worked closely with the awarding organisation and Vantec Europe Limited to ensure the most appropriate qualifications are delivered to ensure the workforce is given the tools and techniques to increase their knowledge of the supply chain and appreciate the intricacies of all levels of the supply chain and the key stakeholders involved.

The IoSCM qualification contains a suite of units that are perfectly aligned to meet the knowledge requirements that are appropriately transferable throughout the Warehouse and Supply Chain professions. This is underpinned by the excellent support and feedback we receive from the IoSCM and the flexibility demonstrated throughout this vast project that will involve 700+ learners which commenced in 2014 and is planned to run into 2018”.

We look forward to a 2018 and the resulting further surge of much needed skills into the supply chain industry!

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