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IoSCM Supply Chain Awards 2nd November 2023

Apply to be a Member of IoSCM

As a member of IoSCM you are awarded Graded Membership which aligns with your experience, this is further enhanced with Military Membership status, providing you with additional resources, support and benefits. Whatever branch of the armed forces you serve, or have served, your knowledge of the military supply chain will guarantee your place as a member of IoSCM. With globally recognised post-nominals to display after your name and access to the full range of membership benefits available, IoSCM Military Membership is your ideal support package.

Grades available include; Affiliate; for those who are new to the supply chain. Associate; for individuals who have limited experience in the industry. Professional; designed for those with established careers in their chosen sector. Expert; perfect for professionals with extinguished careers within the supply chain. Fellow; available to applicants with demonstratable strategic experience within their chosen field. Visit the membership page for a detailed explanation of the levels available.

To apply for an IoSCM Membership, please complete the application below. Once we’ve received your application, it will be reviewed by a member of the membership team who’ll be in touch to confirm your membership status.

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