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Employee Development Plans from IoSCM

Would you like to increase your business income by 218%, per employee?


Whether you want to use employee development to increase productivity, improve loyalty or boost your annual profits – IoSCM can help identify the best qualifications to fulfil both the aspirations of your employees and the aims of your business.

We can help you develop an employee development program that helps your workforce define and identify career goals and chart their long-term career path with the company.

Research show that companies with effective development activities for employees have 218% higher income per employee. Can you afford not to?

Save time and money by speaking to an expert Business Specialist who can offer tailored advice focused on your industry and develop a bespoke employee development plan today.

We’ve helped our clients, and some of the UK’s biggest corporations, save in excess of £7,000 with a single phone call. By scheduling a free consultation with our business team today, we can double your training budget improve your business.

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  • Providing your workforce with the opportunity to up skill will improve motivation
  • Employee training and development increases engagement and consequently improves employee performance
  • Investing in your team leads to increased employee loyalty and retention
  • As a direct result it can help reduce recruitment costs as well as time and money training new staff members
  • Employees who are given employee development opportunities gain confidence in their abilities and have a greater sense of pride in their work
  • Professionals with better skills will also deliver better output in your workplace, increasing sales and levels of customer service

Why choose IoSCM?

The Institute of Supply Chain Management’s mission is to offer invaluable opportunities to both individuals and employees, progressing careers and evolving businesses with unique and flexible solutions, designed for the industry, by the industry.

IoSCM are responsible for setting the standards of skills within the industry through our staff development programmes and SFEDI accredited qualifications.

We offer accredited employee development courses for employees from level 2 to level 7 in a diverse range of industries covering an even wider array of topics. Our flexibility allows businesses to develop every individual, at any level, in every department.

If you have employees in the following fields, we have employee training and development courses for them;

And we’ve proudly delivered our employee development plans and accredited qualifications to some the biggest corporations around the world;

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“I have been in the Oil & Gas Industry for the last 25 years and have had no formal qualifications so I considered it important to develop my skill set to enhance my career options.

I would recommend the IoSCM courses to anyone who has a busy lifestyle and wants to have a good industry recognised qualification at the end of the course.”

Scott Macpherson, IoSCM Level 3 Certificate

Growth and development is important to your workforce…

75% of employees

would stay longer at an organisation that listens to and addresses their needs

40% of staff

with poor training leave their job within the first year

68% of workers

say training and development is the most important workplace policy

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