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Level 3 Supply Chain – Customs

10 Unit Credit Values

  • Customs and Excise: Customs Regulations; The Single Administrative Document (SAD); Customs and Excise Management Act 1979; Import Procedures; Export Procedures; Declaration Unique Consignment Reference (DUCR); (Customs and Excise requirements regarding parcels)
  • Terms: Customs Procedure Code; Import Value; Temporary storage; Customs Control; Preferential Rates of Duty; Customs Freight Simplified Procedures; Single Authorisation; Low Value Bulk Imports; Agricultural Policy; Duty Relief procedures; Inward Processing; Returned Goods Relief; Customs Warehousing; Processing under Customs Control; Community System of Duty Reliefs; Onward Supply Relief
  • Compulsory stops: The Blue Channel; The Green Channel; The Red Channel; Land Border: Internal Borders
  • Clearing goods: The Import Process; Government Gateway; The New Export System; The Single Administrative Document; Certificate of Origin; Packing List; Advice of Shipment; Standard Shipping Note; Airway Bill

The above is the unit content for the Customs unit found in the Level 3 qualification. To view more units, click here and select the “Units” tab.

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