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Certified Status

Become a Certified Supply Chain Expert with IoSCM.

IoSCM can certify the outstanding achievements of Professionals from all sectors of the supply chain, with enhanced Post-nominal relevant to the industry experience and achievements of each Certified Professional.

Certified Professionals each receive the Chairman’s Citation of Excellence Award from Philip Chaganis, OBE, Chairman of the Institute of Supply Chain Management. Once you are awarded your lifetime status you can also access the same great range of benefits as a graded member for 12 months. After that date you can extend your membership benefits package for as long as you choose at a fantastic discounted price.

To celebrate your achievement of Certified status, you will achieve a framed certificate, clearly displaying your post-nominal, and a special edition welcome gift, only awarded to IoSCM Certified Experts.

To qualify for Certified status, Professionals need to be able to demonstrate a strong and successful career in their area of expertise. Evidence of achievement and the ability to demonstrate or discuss your expertise with our membership panel is vital in order for your application to be successful.

To discuss your application please contact the membership team; membership@ioscm.com , providing a copy of your current C.V, contact details and information relevant to which sector of the supply chain you would like to be certified in. All applications are reviewed by the IoSCM Membership panel on a monthly basis, applicants are advised of their success following each review meeting.

Please complete the form.  A member of our team will contact you within five working days.

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