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Level 3 Logistics and Transport – Purchasing Processes

  • Organisations Involved in the Purchasing Role: manufacturing; distribution; transport; warehousing; inventory control; materials handling; procurement
  • Relationships: internal; external; remote; cooperative; partnerships
  • Markets: demand; competition; monopoly; natural monopoly; oligopoly; monopsony; trade protectionism; Porter’s Five Forces
  • External Factors: PESTLE Analysis; local; national; global; public sector; private sector; third sector; financial; reputation; environmental; health, safety and welfare; lost opportunities
  • Purchasing: Five Rights; ethics; end-to-end cycle
  • Supplier Relationships: adversarial; arm’s length; transactional; closer tactical; single sourced; outsourcing; strategic alliance; partnership; co-destiny

The above is the unit content for the Purchasing Processes unit found in the Level 3 qualification. To view more units, click here and select the “Units” tab.

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