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Level 3 Logistics and Transport – Ports and Shipping

10 Unit Credit Values

  • Types of Ports: fishing ports; inland ports; dry ports; cruise home ports; cargo ports
  • Port Functions: transport (circulation) function of ports; commercial function of ports; industrial function of ports; distributional function of ports
  • Seaport Connection and Transhipment: maritime access; maritime interface; infrastructures and equipment; land access; port service (full service); tool port (service); landlords
  • Maritime Network Considerations: frequency of service; fleet and vessel size; number of port calls; shipping conferences; shipping alliances; containerisation
  • Port Considerations: location; depth; land availability; labour costs; hinterland access; ownership
  • External Factors: demand forecasts; location; competition; coastal shipping; resilience
  • Infrastructural Requirements: warehousing; Value Added Logistics (VAL); logistics centres; berths; container terminals
  • Challenges: conservancy; dredging; navigation aids; congestion; customs; immigration; port safety; marine safety

The above is the unit content for the Ports and Shipping unit found in the Level 3 qualification. To view more units, click here and select the “Units” tab.

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