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We are the UK’s leading Supply Chain Institute. We use our expertise to provide results focused advice and guidance. We have a team of dedicated highly trained experts ready to support you

Our Business Development team are highly qualified and trained experts. They provide guidance to ensure you consider training courses that will really benefit your employees and deliver the required results for your business. The team work with you to establish the current skills and knowledge of each team member and pair this with your development goals to recommend a tailored course complete with a highly supportive training package for you and /or your team.

Each member of our team has been extensively trained to ensure they understand all of the supply chain training courses available, to evaluate personalities and learning styles and to enable them to offer the right guidance. Trained and qualified by leading industry experts, our Business development team use their unique skill set to support you with making the right course and unit choices.

Fully UK Accredited Qualification with Internationally recognised IoSCM Certificate

Upon completion of their IoSCM studies, each student will be rewarded with two certificates. One is a fully accredited Certification demonstrating that the IoSCM studies are regulated by the UK Government, the second is an IoSCM Certificate which confirms the Title of the qualification each student has achieved, lists their units of study, and the international articulation for the level of qualification. This is known as the passport certification.

Equivalent certification levels aligned to Colleges, University Diplomas and Masters Degrees

Institute of Supply Chain (IoSCM) Qualifications are designed with the student in mind.

With flexible study routes and a wide variety of methods to demonstrate understanding of each learning criteria, our supply chain courses incorporate work-based skills and industry knowledge. Each level of study with IoSCM fits onto the national qualifications framework and is comparable to the education standards. An IoSCM level 5 Diploma is the equivalent of a degree whilst an IoSCM level 6 Diploma is the same level as a Bachelor’s degree. Our team will be happy to discuss each level comparison with you in more detail to ensure they recommend the right course(s) for your employees.

Consistently 98% pass rate performance across all levels

Our students outstanding levels of success is achieved through their hard work matched with the specialised support provided by our team. From our Business Development experts giving fantastic guidance when selecting the right course for your team members, the flexibility to tailor a study program to suit each individual, through to a support package created to achieve your business objectives, we work with you every step if the way to deliver above standard Industry recognised Professional Qualifications for your team.  With 1-2-1 tutor support available for every student, your team can study with secure in the knowledge that we are here to help them whenever they need us, with understanding new subjects, assignment preparation and detailed feedback.

Regular Updates on your employee’s progress with constant support from your dedicated Account Manager

Each of our business clients are provided with detailed information on the progress of their students and are supported by a member of our Business Development team throughout their employees learning journey and beyond. The fantastic levels of support we offer is what sets us apart from other learning providers and our results and client list demonstrates how we excel in this area.

Assessment Methods

  • APL: “Assessment of Prior learning” your team members can map their past qualifications and courses against our standards and put them forward towards passing the course.
  • Industry Experienced Assessment: We will assess your existing work based experience within your current job role and other skills within the business and add this to the pre-qualification of your entry level for studying.
  • Academic: If you have studied through the University system then you can use all your Harvard referencing techniques combined with studying the course online and passing with assignments.
  • Traditional study: You can have access to our traditional study system and study our course materials and pass using assignment techniques.
  • Blended Assessment: Or you can use any of the techniques above to suit yourself you don’t have to stick to one method or another you could pass a unit with experience, work based evidence some research and some assignments.


1-2-1 Tutor Support is the critical ingredient

Everyone talks about classroom courses being better supported than distance learning but it is completely wrong. In a classroom environment the 1-2-1 tutor support is very limited, each person is an individual with different needs learning styles and personality traits form the next. OUR 1-2-1 support is the critical ingredient to your success with us you can set up telephone calls, Skype calls, Facetime and book into our monthly face to face tutor sessions all included in the price.

Submission feedback and all the work you do

You receive feedback on all the work you submit this is another aspect of the amazing unlimited support from your tutor and a major reason why our pass rate is so high. No matter what method you use to meet the criteria of our courses you will receive outstanding feedback on everything.

It is very frustrating to spend time studying courses submitting lots of work for your tutor to assess and feedback as your learning and development experience (Formative). Then you’ve done this huge amount of work and you have to start again submitting the work that allows you to achieve the standard required (Summative). IOSCM courses were designed so that you benefit hugely from the tutor interaction and then all of the work you submit is combined (formative and summative) as developmental and for passing your course.

All the work you do goes towards passing the course

At the course design stage leading experts from education and industry got the UK qualifications standards to approve our unique system, where all the work you submit goes towards passing the course. This was seen as being a major step forward because some similar courses would leave students frustrated, as they had undertaken huge amounts of good quality work, only to find that they then had a huge mountain to climb to still pass the course. We deliver our courses right first time, you learn, develop and grow and pass the course standards all in one.

Up to date materials, very much focused on getting people ready for the actual role in the workplace

All course materials are constantly updated to make sure students are always learning the latest techniques. Our course materials are also based on National Occupational Standards which means they were designed for industry by people in the industry.

We have a dedicated team of experts constantly networking with small medium and multi-national companies, to ensure we keep everything they need in mind when making updates.

Performance management built into your studies

All course materials are constantly updated to make sure students are always learning the latest techniques. Our course materials are also based on National Occupational Standards which means they were designed for industry by people in the industry.

We have a dedicated team of experts constantly networking with small medium and multi-national companies, to ensure we keep everything they need in mind when making updates.

Our Guarantee

Quality Guaranteed 

Most educational delivery providers have one annual assessment of the quality that they are delivering, we have one every quarter allowing us to maintain the quality of our courses at a very high standard. Our industry experts were obviously used to much more frequent feedback on quality standards, so it was decided to maintain quality evaluations from an outside independent body on a quarterly basis. Giving a stronger guarantee of consistent quality to our clients.

A dedicated team of experts is on hand within our business support team making sure we protect the investment you are making

Our dedicated and highly trained business development team is available to keep an eye on and support the students you have paid for. They will update you with how your staff are doing address any issues or concerns they have and keep you in the loop so your investment does not come to nothing. This team is on hand to provide you with a one stop shop for all of your training education and qualifications requirements. With value for money their main mantra. If you are having particular performance issues within the business they will liaise with an expert to try to offer advice and practical solutions.

Any staff that you need to discuss or any team improvements you want to deliver then please do not hesitate to contact your business support adviser.

They are always on hand to ensure that the course and qualifications you invest in are at the correct level covering the best areas to allow you to use our qualifications to deliver real tangible business benefits.

Business Rewards

Business Rewards and Benefits Club: Rewarding your investment in staff training and development

This support club gives both amazing financial rewards as well as access to expertise and support that is dedicated to business excellence, maximising your return on investment and helping you to access expertise and support when you need it most.

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