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Level 7 Logistics and Transport – Leadership

10 Unit Credit Values

  • The Relationship between Management and Leadership: what is leadership; what is management; leadership and management styles; the impact of different styles of leadership and management on staff
  • Effective Leadership: the relationship between leadership style and leadership behaviour; the importance of context on leadership styles and qualities
  • Theories of Management and Leadership in Organisational Contexts: leadership and management theories; the impact of leadership in an organisation based on leadership theories
  • Advising on Management and Leadership Skills: methods to identify the skills required for leadership of a given role in an organisation; styles of leadership that are suitable to the role and appropriate to the culture in an organisation; evaluations of recommended leadership skills required for a given role in an organisation
  • The Enterprise Culture and the Characteristics of Different Entrepreneurs: the enterprise culture in a business; advantages and disadvantages of developing an enterprise culture in a business; the key attributes, decisions, business achievements, public personas and approaches to enterprise culture that have defined prominent entrepreneurs, and their effects upon the business; the concept of entrepreneurship and its effect upon the business; the factors which militate against an enterprise culture; the role of information and communications technology (ICT) in providing support

The above is the unit content for the Leadership and Enterprise unit found in the Level 7 qualification. To view more units, click here and select the “Units” tab.

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