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Membership Packages


Becoming a Member of the Institute of Supply Chain Management provides students and businesses with access to a range of services designed to support professional development and maintain high standards within the industry.

Our network is worldwide, allowing you to build professional relationships, share experience and expertise with other professionals and organisations on a global scale.

An IoSCM membership is mandatory in order to complete one of our accredited qualifications. There is an annual charge incurred for membership in addition to your course fees. This additional cost will award you an Associate status. Upon completion of your qualification, your membership status is determined by assessing your current job role and level of study.


Job RoleMembership LevelMembership StatusPost Nominals Fee Membership Criteria More Detailed Job Roles
8 Fellow FSCM £227 High profile individuals covering a wide range of backgrounds. You are in a prestigious position or have achieved something outstanding within your career education or life Presidents, Ministers, Chairman, Senior Educationalists, Union Leaders, Research Fellows, Senior Industry Figures, Leading National and International Experts, Military Senior Officers
Strategic Manager or Director 7 Consultant CSCM £201 You are at a high level within your profession with an outstanding track record, vastly experienced or qualified. Consultants, Director level positions, Multi-Site Managers, Senior Professionals or Individuals with outstanding preformance or achievement
Senior Manager 6 Expert ESCM £179 You are a very experienced manager with strategic involvement or an equivalent staff level position or are qualified to this level Plant Managers, Site Managers, Senior Professionals with Strategic responsibility, or highly qualified staff members and professionals
Operations/Middle Manager 5 Professional PSCM £155 You are an experienced Manager, Senior Manger or in an Operational Manager position or an equivalent staff level position or qualified to this level Manufacturing Managers, Logistics and Transport Managers, Purchasing Managers, Marketing and Finance Managers. You are involved in the management of the operations of the business.
Junior Manager 4 Associate ASCM £145 Your are in a Junior Manager position or an equivalent staff level position or qualified to this level Junior Managers
Supervisor 3 Member MSCM £110 Your are in a supervisory position or an equivalent staff level position or qualified to this level Supervisors, inexperienced Managers
Team Leader 2 Affiliate AFSCM £110 You are in a Team Leader position or an equivalent staff level position or qualified to this level You are in a team leader position or equivalent, or are qualified to this level
Operator 1 Learner LSCM £85 You have some educational or working background Operator level individuals or people starting out in their careers, or you have some form of qulaification
Complimentary Complimentary £0 You are offered a complimentary membership for a specific reason. This is a taster towards you becoming a member of the Institute.

"I find the course material very relevant and applicable to the real business world which is important. The assignments guide you into summarising the research in your own words. Feedback on assignments is quick and the course overview helps you keep track of your progress."

Penny Sayce, Stock Controller

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