Membership Grades

What sets the Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM) apart from other businesses is that members can gain levels without having to complete a new qualification at that level.


The Institute recognises previous relevant experience gained while working within industry, therefore members can gain awards without having to complete qualifications at those levels.

The prices shown below are for standard/foundation areas. The Institute provides foundation prices to support countries that require development assistance. The ultimate goal is to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to realise ambitions on a global scale.

Contact IoSCM to find out if your country qualifies for discount from the foundation.

Grades available are:

IoSCM Level 1

Learner (LSCM) £85 / £40

This membership is available to anyone in a pre-employment position looking to develop their skills and knowledge to gain a career in the sector.

IoSCM Level 2

Affiliate (AFSCM) £110 / £55

The standard level of membership for those with an interest in supply chain management, There are no requirements for becoming an affiliate member and all member benefits are available.

Member (MSCM)

IoSCM Level 3 £110 / £55

Available to professionals who either hold a level 3 qualification in supply chain management or those who are currently employed in an experienced position within the sector (either a team leader or supervisory role).

Associate (ASCM) £145 / £62

IoSCM Level 4

Associate level professionals must demonstrate a minimum of five years industry experience in a supervisory / management position or hold a level 4 qualification.

Professional (PSCM) £155 / £75

IoSCM Level 5

Awarded to those with extensive management experience within the sector or those who hold a level 5 qualification.

Expert (ESCM) £179 / £75

IoSCM Level 6

Expert level membership is available to those with experience in a senior management role with strategic responsibility or those who currently hold a level 6 qualification.

Consultant (CSCM) £201 / £125

IoSCM Level 7

Awarded in exceptional circumstances, this grade reflects the director level experience of those within management and demonstrates outstanding performance and experience.

Fellow (FSCM) £227 / £145

IoSCM Level 8

Awarded to professionals at the highest level within the industry including government ministers, senior education professionals and international experts.


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