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Level 2 Logistics and Transport – Introduction to International Trade and Freight

10 Unit Credit Values

  • Trade: types of products and market conditions; capital products; labour products; land products; local trade; international trade; comparative advantage; trade and tariffs
  • Freight: modes of transport; road; rail; waterways; air freight; intermodal; preferred method of transport; factors affecting mode choice
  • Goods Identification: goods to be traded; perishable goods; dangerous goods; bulk goods
  • Freight Organisations: hauliers and trucking companies; Non Vessel Owning Common Carriers (NVOCC); third-party logistics providers; supplier information; ISO containers
  • Trade Legislation and Regulations: global perspective; customs authorities; customs requirements; consumer contracts regulations; key information delivery; the Consumer Credit Act; Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008; Consumer Rights Act 2015
  • Trading Documentation: customs related documents; licences; sales contracts; letters of credit; commercial invoices; the Certificate of Origin (CofO); bills of lading; airway bills; dangerous goods; licenses and permits
  • Customer Requirements: customer service
  • Freight Systems: the National Export System (NES); customs freight simplified procedures
  • Freight Transport Mode Legislations: goods to be transported by road; vehicle standards, weights and dimensions; environmental standards; vehicle regulations; taxation of vehicles; cabotage; goods to be transported by rail; legislation and regulations for goods to be transported by sea; international labour regulations; goods to be transported by air; the CAA Aviation Authority’s regulatory role; airline permits; aviation security; moving dangerous goods by air
  • Freight Carriage, Insurance and Costs: INCOTERMS; Accord Temporary Admission (ATA) carnets; Carnets de Passage en Douane insurance
  • Health, Safety and Security: movement of dangerous goods
  • Monitoring Goods During Transportation: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Potential Risks and Problems: distance; transportation and communication; risk during shipment; import and export restrictions; documentation; payment problems; competition; security

The above is the unit content for the Team Leader unit found in the Level 2 qualification. To view more units, click here and select the “Units” tab.

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